We partner with primary care physicians to improve your hospital care

Spring View's Hospitalist Group currently consists of three physicians who will provide 24-hour, 7-days-a-week hospital coverage. These physicians will provide inpatient care focusing on the care of hospitalized patients. During your stay at Spring View, your hospitalist will evaluate and treat your medical conditions, arrange tests and speciality care, as well as coordinate with your primary care physician during your stay and after you leave the hospital.

How the Partnership Works

If your physician feels that hospitalization is in your best interest, you will be admitted directly to the Hospitalist.

If an emergency occurs outside of office hours you should report to the emergency room.  If the emergency physician and your primary care physician feel that hospitalization is required, they will admit you to the hospitalist.

Advantages for Everyone!

This program works well for everyone involved.

  • You get the benefit of two doctors overseeing your total care
  • You get more efficient outpatient care because physicians no longer have to interrupt their office practice to attend to needs in the hospital.
  • You also get more efficient inpatient care as well. The hospitalist can spend more time with you, answer your questions, and be there to act in a timely manner should something unforeseen come up. When action is required, they are there for you.